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Vietnam Airlines news on Garuda Airlines fleet expansion

Vietnam Airlines news on Garuda Airlines fleet expansion


According to Vietnam Airlines, the national airline of Indonesia Garuda Airlines has made an announcement about the plan to double its fleet to 350 400 aircrafts by 2015. The aim of the plan is to meet the travel demand by air in Indonesia - one of the aviation markets with fastest growth in the world.

EmirsyahSatar, CEO of Garuda Indonesia said that the increase in the number of planes also help to enhance the airlines competitiveness towards pressure from other airlines, especially private airlines such as Lion Air in Indonesia, AirAsia in Malaysia, and Mandala Airlines which is partly owned by Singapore Airways Holdings. Garuda will finish the expansion plan by ending of this year and the airline hopes to receive permission of General Assembly to order 200 250 new planes, in order to double the fleet to about 400 units in the period 2014 2025. At the end of September in 2013, Garuda Airlines has 131 aircrafts and after the delivery of all planes in its signed order contracts, the number will be 194 units in 2015. The new planes will be deployed by Garuda and its low cost branch airline Citilink.

Vietnam Airlines news on Garuda Airlines fleet expansion

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Indonesia, there will be 593 active planes of all airlines in this country, which shows an increase of 320 units compared to present number. This agent also notices that the growing rate of Indonesian aviation is often 1.5 to 2 times higher than the growth rate of the economy, so, it is necessary and suitable for the airlines to double the fleet. However, the biggest challenges that the airlines may have to face with are improving, upgrading and expanding the aviation infrastructure as many airlines in the country of islands are now in the condition of overload due to the too much overuse compared to the initial capacity.

Garuda Airlines has been exploiting flights to more than 30 domestic flights in Indonesia and other 20 international flights to places Asia and Europe like Shanghai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, etc. Main transshipment points of the airline in Indonesia are located in Jakarta, Denpasar and Makassar.

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