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Vietnam Guide Nam Du untouched wonderful island

Vietnam Guide Nam Du untouched wonderful island


According to Vietnam News on Tourism, Vietnam nowadays still possesses many untouched beaches and islands attracting tourists a lots. Because there has not been a lot of human intervention, so these places can the charm, mysterious beauty of the nature. These beaches and island not only own diversity of ecosystem but also associate with historical legends of Vietnam.

A corner of Nam Du Island

Nam Du is an archipelago belonging to province of Kien Giang. It is about 60km far from the mainland. It consists of 21 large and small islands, including big island-Cu Tron island-the largest one. It has the total area of approximately 14km2 with the highest peak. On this peak there is a lighthouse. Currently, the fastest means to go to the island is speedboat departing from Rach Gia. The travel time is about 3 hours. Nam Du Island is listed first in Vietnam Guide to untouched islands.

Start your exploration of Nam Du archipelago, you cannot ignore the beautiful unspoiled beaches. These beaches are considered specialties of the archipelago. Bai Men and Hon Mau are places having beautiful white sand, coconut trees with cool sea water. It will be definitely more relaxed, free amid sea water with your immense sea breeze, leaving chaos and worries of life behind. The coral reefs and colorful fish around Hon Ong areas will also attract visitors. Just wearing diving goggles, snorkel, you can easily dive around and contemplate the marvelous beauty of this island.

During your Vietnam Tours in this island, under the guidance of the local people, you can find the shelter of Mr. Sau Anh - who is regarded as Robinson in Hon Nom. Coming here,you will be treated with the green-bone fish, crab, island chicken and hear the story of a hard but heroic time of these local people.

Nam Du Island is not only famous for its natural beauty, but also local products are extremely rich. You can go fishing in the morning to eat all day. In addition, seafood here is very cheap, and easy to buy at fishermen's nets. At the end of Nam Du journey, you cannot miss to visit the Nam Du lighthouse. This is the highest point of the island. Here, you can observe the panoramic scene of this place. You will never forget the moment of seeing dawn or a dreamy sunset.

About accommodation in Nam Du, you can totally trust in reasonable services here. There are many hotels and motels for you to stay. Restaurants here will offer you many fresh and delicious dishes. Coming to this island, you will enjoy the most interesting time in your Vietnam Travel Guide.


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