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Vietnam guide on interesting experience in Hon Kho Island

Vietnam guide on interesting experience in Hon Kho Island


Hon Kho Island (Dry Island) is one of 32 islands in Binh Dinh. It is about 16 km far from Quy Nhon. This is a new tourist attraction appealing a lot of visitors. Coming to Hon Kho Island in Vietnam trips, you should never miss two most interesting experiences, including diving to see coral reef, and conquering rocky mountain in this island.

In Vietnam guide to Hon Kho Island, you can travel by motorbikes or by cars from Quy Nhon to a fishing village in Nhon Hai Commune. Here, you will hire boats to leave for Hon Kho Island, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Before reaching this island, you have a chance to dive into seawater to explore beautiful and colorful coral reef. Interestingly, the sea level here is not too deep. To those who cannot swim, they will wear lifejackets, and glasses to contemplate a wonderful marine world.

overview of Hon Kho Island

Hon Kho Island has the same meaning with its name. This island is dry and has no tree. In spite of being too wild and small to develop any kind of service of tourism, this island has a magical attraction appealing a large number of tourists or adventurers. Hon Kho Island beach is still untouched. Here, sand, wind and sea immerse into each other to create a fascinating atmosphere. You have an opportunity to enjoy sunbathing on the beach for hours and delicious seafood cooked by the local people.

Moreover, Hon Kho Island is listed in Vietnam travel guide for its preservation area of turtles with breeding ground. For a long time, there is a small sand ground in the center of this island at which turtles often come here to reproduce. If staying here overnight, you will have a chance to witness the reproduction.

Walking around this island, you will be definitely conquered by spectacular and unique beauty of the nature. Big and smooth stone blocks are parts of Hon Kho Island. It is really a rough and hard road with wild scenes. Yet, the attraction of the sea on the other side will strengthen your desire to conquer and discover. From the mount, an immense ocean view appears in front of your eyes with the panoramic view of Quy Nhon City to the south and images of boats in line, creating a wonderful and poetic picture.

In windless season of the sea, Hon Kho Island owns a charming beauty appealing tourists coming to sandy beach, colorful coral reef, and green silky sea weed moving. In Vietnam travel packages to this island, you not only have chances to discover the majestic and special beauty of the island, but also have enjoyable relaxing moment with diving or walking around to forget all worries and problems of life. That would be your unforgettable trip to Binh Dinh- Quy Nhon in Vietnam.

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