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Vietnam Guide to Hai Van Pass in Hue

Vietnam Guide to Hai Van Pass in Hue


On the way through the central Vietnam, Hai Van pass is well-known one of the most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam. In Vietnam travel, tourists will have a chance to explore the charming and spectacular beauty of this pass that is hard to find elsewhere. One side of the pass is the mountain, another side is the sea. The peak pass is surrounded by cloud all year round, so it is also known as Cloud Pass.

Hai Van Pass Base

Hai Van pass is located along the Hai Van mountain side, between Hue city and Da Nang city. The pass is about 50m above the sea level, full craggy peak and also the end of a Truong Son branch. In the 13th century, Hai Van pass belonged to 2 districts of Champa dynasty. Its name as Thien Ha De Nhat Hung Quan (the most beautiful pass) was granted by the King Le Thanh Tong over 500 year ago, once stopping foot on the top of the Hai Van pass to contemplate the scenic pass and poetize, the King was so amazed by the grand and poetic scenery here that he granted these words. On the top of the pass, the trail of ancestors still retains, the entrance looks to Thua Thien with three words Hai Van Quan. Another entrance looks to Quang Nam with the words De Nhat Hung Quan.

From Da Nang along the highway no.1A, after crossing the Nam O, tourists will come to Hai Van pass. The winding pass hides between clouds, trees and rocky mountains. Hai Van is a monumental natural painting created by the harmonious combination of the Creator and human. On Vietnam holidays to Hue, tourists will be surprised by the majestic scenery, the high mountainous terrain, the abyss, untouched forests, murmuring steams and the fresh air here.

On the top of the pass, tourists will have an opportunity to contemplate the panoramic view of the rolling hill with white clouds flying like the water-color paintings. Also, in Vietnam tour, tourists can contemplate Lap An lagoon, Lang Co fishing village at the horizon. From the south, the waves slaps year round under the mountain, the fishing boats looms on the sea. Interestingly, tourists can admire the panoramic sight of Da Nang city. A little further is Son Tra Mountain covered by clouds year round.

In addition, tourists can contemplate the historical relics as Hai Van Quan. In the King Minh Mang dynasty, after he visited the beauty of Hai Van pass and built stone entrance on the top of pass carved the words De Nhat Hung Quan. This stone entrance is still on the top of the pass and recognized as the national historical relics. The Hai Van pass is an ideal attraction for tourists during their Vietnam travel guide in Hue. Coming to here, tourists will be immersed into the natural space and historical trails of ancient Vietnamese.


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