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Yen Bai resort-an ideal Vietnam resort

Yen Bai resort-an ideal Vietnam resort


Totally different from dynamic life of big cities, Yen Bai resort is an ideal Vietnam Resort and a perfect destination for visitors. Many people made decision on visiting Ba Vi and stopped by at Yen Bai resort, which is covered by beautiful mountains, crystal clear lakes, peaceful surrounding areas and very comfortable weather. You will be impressed by a truly-out-of-this-world beauty.

Vietnam Resort introduces Yen Bai resort

Taking a nap on a bench and enjoying a glass of fresh orange juice, seeing little kids playing cheerfully at the swimming pool will definitely offer an extremely relaxed feeling as well as satisfaction. All the stresses and pressures after long distance as well as hard working days seem to disappear.

For people who love fishing, you could mix with very quite atmosphere and wait for your fish on the rivers bank, and even fish while contemplating beauty of sunset at Ba Vi, a beautiful highland area.

With Yen Bai resort as well as many other Vietnam resorts, tourists can walk around and look at far-far-away mountains and lush green of forest, corn fields and some flower gardens grown by skillful staffs of the resort. The roads are covered by a lot of color of different kinds of natural flower, making it marvelous to take some pictures to save yourself a memorable moment.

In addition to natural beauty, Yen Bai resort attracts people by large areas for various sports such as: golf and tennis. Particularly, for the youngsters coming to this resort, they often choose the service of camp-fire. You can both play interesting games beside flickering fire and both bake sweet potatoes and enjoy these delicious potatoes with your friends, making your trip even more special and meaningful.

Eating and drinking area of Yen Bai resort will satisfy visitors with special houses on stilts and total area of over 500 m2, together with fascinating local food both delicious and decorated artistically. These foods might be discovered at some Vietnam hotels but it is interesting that the ingredients are all fresh as they are taken from large mushroom field (nearly 2ha), vegetable field and big farms of the resort where pigs and chickens are raised without chemical products.

So, a suggestion is that after taking some Hanoi tours, you just need to take one-hour bus right to the main gate of Yen Bai resort to have wonderful moments with your friends and relatives.

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