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Vietnam resort system welcomes new member

Vietnam resort system welcomes new member


Amanoi is the newest luxury resorts in Vietnam. It is located in natural preservation area of Vinh Hy Bay, in Ninh Thuan. The resort is surrounded by natural untouched beaches with smooth and white sand, and Nui Chua National Park. This resort is a sophisticated combination of modern facilities and traditional Vietnamese cultural features. Coming to this resort, you will have great experience when immersing into this luxury atmosphere.

Panorama of Amanoi Resort

Hiding behind the beautiful coastline with blue seawater and white sandy beach, Amanoi is one of the most luxurious, unique and newest Vietnam resorts. The word aman in the name of this resort has meaning of peaceful in Sanskrit language, and place to live in Vietnamese. Almost area of this resort is situated in wonderful hill of Nui Chua National Park with cool routes as beautiful as pictures. In the east of the resort is beautiful beach of Vinh Hy. All villas architecture of this resort is designed with idea of station. They are built like booths situating on granite stones and surrounded by local plants. The roof of houses in this resort has inspiration of Vietnamese stilt houses. The entrance of Amanoi Resort is linked to the lobby, guest house and entertainment center. This creates convenience for your when moving in this resort.

The resort is one of Vietnam luxury resorts having modern, well-equipped rooms with beautiful view of the bay. Staying at this resort, not only can you contemplate the beauty of nature, but also you will receive best services. Amanoi Resort has only 36 luxury villas. Some of them have private pools located on the hill with the view of Vinh Hy Bay, and Vietnamese traditional features. There are four kinds of room in this resort: Pavilions, Ocean Pavilions, Pool pavilions and Ocean Pool Pavilions. All of these rooms have marvelous sea view and modern equipment.

Interestingly, this resort also provide many attractive services for families like room services, meals, entertainment activities. The resort has a system of Spa treatment and clubs on the beach to meet the demand of tourists. From this resort, you can travel to some famous destinations like Vinh Hy Bay, Bau Truc pottery village, and Nui Chua National Park. Besides, you can discover the life of the local people. You will be very impressed by their hospitality and friendliness when traveling in this land.

Briefly, as being one of the new Vietnam beach resorts, Amanoi is a promising destination in your holiday in Vietnam with beautiful landscapes, views from resort and professional services. You might have one of the best moment in your journey.

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