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Vietnam Tourism development over the years

Vietnam Tourism development over the years


Vietnam not only appeals visitors by beautiful landscapes, unique culture, but also friendliness of the local people. According to the General Statistics, the number of tourists coming to Vietnam in the last few years has been on the rise. It proves that Vietnam keeps going to be an attractive destination of foreign tourists. The development of Vietnam will be illustrated below.

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Firstly, this growth is proven by the number of international tourists visiting Vietnam in the first two months of 2014. It is over 800 thousand of visitors, also the highest point ever seen. Besides, the growth rate of visitors accounts for 33,4% year on year. It is one of rare rates in the history. The finite scale and growth rate are positive signals for Vietnam Tourism to reach the new record- welcoming over 8 million of tourists in 2014. The development is more magnificent when the global economy has not recovered, even depressed in some countries. Furthermore, the number of tourists in the first two months of 2014 has reached its goals with high rate. Thus, the structure of tourists purposes of traveling has changed significantly.

To specify, the number of tourists coming to travel accounts for the highest point, 61,3% with the growing rate of 33,4%. It is because Vietnam owns many beautiful landscapes, historical relics and world heritages. Next is business tourists accounting for 16,7%. Thanks to good relations of investment, commerce between Vietnam and other countries, the development of tourism in Vietnam can gain success. The third most number of visitors coming to Vietnam is visitors visiting their relatives. The figure makes up for 16,6%; 34,1% higher than the previous year. Also, there is a number of tourists coming to Vietnam for purposes of study and others increased about 35%.

Another achievement of Vietnam Tourism is the export rate of tourism. According to Vietnam News on Tourism of Vietnam for the year of 2014, if the number of tourists in 2014 is 8 million of people, that will be a positive development. With above mentioned achievements, Vietnam is trying its best to meet the demand of tourists in all over the world and reach its target of becoming one of the leading tourist countries.

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