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Vietnam travel guide on Can Gio mangrove forest

Vietnam travel guide on Can Gio mangrove forest


Located in Can Gio District, about 50km from center of Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio mangrove forest is a famous place among numerous Vietnam trips for discoveries about spectacular nature. Stretching over 20km along the East Sea, the area of Can Gio mangrove forest is about 33,000 hectares, and it is also the second largest salt-flooded forest in Vietnam.

Vietnam travel guide on Can Gio mangrove forest

Can Gio Biosphere Reserve has been recognized by UNESCO as the world biosphere reserve.Here,an important wildlife sanctuary in Vietnam is characterized by a wetland biological system, which is dominated by mangrove and many rare species. And Can Gio mangrove forest itself is the most major habitat types found at Can Gio Biosphere Reserve, with high biodiversity of more than 200 species of fauna and 52 species of flora. Therefore, visiting Can Gio mangrove forest, tourists will have scarce chances to see rare species to see how wonderful Mother Nature is! Then, why not take a speed jungle boat to enjoy the wide beauty of scenery in Can Gio National Park? Try to experience the natural life and manage yourself in the forest.

Today, beside some conventional Vietnam travels such as beach holidays, family tours, or golf tours, discovering forest is becoming increasingly favorite choice. Moreover, visiting Can Gio mangrove forest, travelers also have opportunity to visit a large number of the long- tailed monkeys and have a funny moment in "Monkey United" as well as visit the crocodile farm and other wild animals in a mangrove forest.

Additionally, you can make your Vietnam vacation more meaningful by visiting the Vietnam base in the war. Touching history of Vietnam War is recalled and gives you a deep appreciation about the peaceful life nowadays.

To take a rest, you could have meal with many local specialties at some restaurant. After having lunch, relax and enjoy your free time at the swimming pool or join some other recreational activities. After that, lets take a travel to Can Gio Market to buy some special products, as gifts of this Vietnam holidays, for your relatives.

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