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Vietnam Travel Guide on Gong of Central Highlands

Vietnam Travel Guide on Gong of Central Highlands


Mentioning Central Highlands in Vietnam, people will never forget great epics, the treasure of folklore, folk sculpture and folk knowledge, making the unique cultural heritages that have attached to the locals life for over thousand years. Especially, the sound of Gong is also an indispensable part, which any visitors once choosing Central highland as the destination in their Vietnam trip should never ignore.

Vietnam Travel Guide on Gong of Central Highlands

One special milestone is that on 25th November 2005, The cultural space of gong in the Central Highlands is recognized by UNESCO as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The event also brings the resounding sound of Vietnams Gong crossing national border to reach international friends worldwide and attract them to travel to Vietnam to directly enjoy this unique culture!

In various Vietnams musical instruments, gong is very famous for their outstanding value and considered as the privileged language bridging humanity and the supernatural world. The gongs are made of bronze and silver, with some distinctive features. Gongs diameter is from 25 to 80 centimeters and they are played by both males and females. It is played in various ceremonies and closely linked to the communities daily life and the cycle of the seasons. The people living in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam possess many sets of gongs, which would be performed differently. A set of gongs consists of two to twenty units.

In terms of gongs sound, it is deep and strong. Many locals say that this sound moves and combines with the sounds of streams, wind and the hearts of people so that it can live with the heaven, the earth and people in the Central Highlands.
However, different ethnic minority groups arrange different orchestras. Listening to the sound of the gong, people in the Central Highland can know which ethnic group is playing.

Not a few people seem curious about the reason why gong plays an extremely important role in communities living in Central Highlands. But if you have chance to have Vietnam travels to Central Highlands, just try dissolving in ceremonies atmosphere and listening to strong sound of gong linking all members of the community, the answer is really obvious.

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