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Vietnam travel guide to Hanoi Old Quarter

Vietnam travel guide to Hanoi Old Quarter


Walking to discover Hanoi Old Quarter might be one of the most joyous experiences when tourists travel in Vietnam in general and in Hanoi in particular. You will never forget wonderful days of walking under green trees shadow, shopping, drinking coffee, and contemplating pictures in galleries during your Hanoi tours.

Vietnam trip in less sunny days is so amazing. Coming to Hanoi, tourists can gather in old streets, walk along and drop in stores, galleries of unique pictures with various styles. Amid exciting Trang Tien Street, there are lines of people queuing to buy Trang Tien ice-cream. Besides, there is a big gallery next to the Trang Tien ice-cream store. Here, you have chance to admire a lot of beautiful pictures.

Hang Ma Street

Continuing your Hanoi exploring, you will visit Hang Gai, Hang Hom, Hang Ma, Hang Bac, Hang Buom Streets, etc. You have chances to witness an exciting atmosphere of shopping at any time, especially at weekend. There are a lot of clothes shops with various styles and reasonable price. If you prefer cloth or silk materials, lets pop in Hang Gai Street and other streets nearby. Tourists are mostly attracted by stores of bags or souvenirs. If you are fan of silver jewelries, you should drop by Hang Hom Street instead of Hang Bac Street to buy one. Coming here, you will be lured into hundreds of rings, necklaces or bracelets of all size, and unique styles.

Walking Street

Moreover, if you adore Che Guevara, lets visit Hang Voi Street in Vietnam guide to Hanoi. Here, there is a shop called Che Guevara. This shop hasa large number of gifts and things with image of the hero printed, such as T-shirts and bags. Or, if you are fascinated by books, Dinh Le Street is a should-not-miss street during your trip. Dinh Le is not only a favorite place of foreigners with famous bookstores, but also an ideal destination of the local people who come here to buy their favorite books or novels with a cheap price. This street is quite near Ly Thai To Street where you have chances to enjoy coffee in cafs with Western style.

One of the most impressive things when walking along old streets from the early morning to late night in Vietnam travel packages to Hanoi Old Quarter, you will meet women towing their bicycles with a big basket of colorful flowers of all kinds. This is really a beautiful scene urging you to buy flowers as soon as possible. Another special image of Hanoi attracts tourists is cyclos. Cyclo riders seem to be the lively dictionary of Hanoi. They will share with you anything about Hanoi from historical relics to culinary streets. That would be wonderful moment in your holiday in Hanoi.

In general, only by experiencing Hanoi Old Quarter will you understand why this place appeals tourists from all over the world. Interestingly, you will meet many foreigners being able to speak Vietnamese quite fluently. It might because they love Hanoi and would like to live in this peaceful city.

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