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Vietnam travel to Cat Ba Island

Vietnam travel to Cat Ba Island


Cat Ba Island also known as Pearl Island belongs to Cat Ba islands, Hai Phong city. The islands are located between the Gulf of Tokin including more than 300 small islands. This beautiful green pearl is a convergence between the forest and the sea, the beautiful scenery and the fresh climate. Therefore, Cat Ba Island has become a famous attraction for tourists in tourism Vietnam map. Each year the pearl island welcomes millions of tourists.

Beach in Monkey Island, Cat Ba

With the untouched and grandeur beauty, Cat Ba was dubbed the Pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin. It is possible to come to Cat Ba Island by ship from multiple directions. However, it takes only 1 hour on the high-speed boat from Hai Phong city, tourists will had come to this famous and beautiful island. when traveling Cat Ba island Vietnam, tourists can immerse in the smooth beaches and explore the national park with the area 600ha.

The special feature of Cat Ba is under the base of rocky islands that rises from the sea have plenty of small beaches. This is considered an advantage of Cat Ba tourism. The most ideal beach in Cat Ba is Cat Dua beach. This beach is clear and clean, after immersing in the cool water, tourists can lie on the sand to enjoy the sunlight. In addition, there is Cat Co 3 beach, the newest tourist place in Cat Ba. Cat Co 3 beach is quite beautiful and modern place. The tourist services here is quite perfect from bating, resting to eating...Also, in Vietnam travel to Cat Ba, tourists should drop by other beautiful beaches as Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2 to see the beauty of these beaches and let their soul mix with the nature, the sea and the sky here.

Cat Ba national park

Cat Ba is the convergent place between the forest and the sea. The sea and the forest blend together to creating a unique landscape. If you have come to the forest, to the Cat Ba National Park tourists will never forget. Sleeping overnight here will give for tourists the interesting experience.

For many years, Cat Ba National Park is a fascinating eco-tourism, particularly to tourists who like the adventure. The park has 4,500 hectares of the primary with the vegetation mixed the broadleaf forest, coniferous and tropical forest growing on the limestone mountain. The park has many rare animals and plants, so this is the place that conserves the diversity of genetic resources.

There are 22 species recorded in Vietnam Red Book and 6 species listed in the World Red Book. Among the animals listed in the Red Book of World of Cat Ba National Park have poliocephalus, there are endemic species of Cat Ba.

According to Vietnam news, Cat Ba National Park is one of four ecological zones of Vietnam recognized the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. To those who love the forest and the sea, Cat Ba Island is the ideal ecological tourist area. A journey to Cat Ba will help tourists immerse in the nature and forget the worries and tiredness of the daily life.

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