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Vietnam travel to discover the most beautiful Hoi An beaches

Vietnam travel to discover the most beautiful Hoi An beaches


Hoi An is an ancient and peaceful city, one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. Coming to Hoi An in Vietnam travel, tourists seem to be back the ancient time without the absence of modern life. The quiet atmosphere of Hoi An will make tourists at ease. Once tourists arrive in Hoi An ancient town, they should not miss some interesting and beautiful beaches.

Sunrise at Cua Dai Beach

The first beach tourists should drop by in Vietnam travel guide is Cua Dai beach. The beach is about 5km far from the city center and also the most beautiful beach in Hoi An. It is voted as the most beautiful beaches in Asia by the readers of famous travel magazine in America Trip Advisor. This is a wide beach with the clear water, small waves and the fine white sand under the brilliant sunshine. Here, tourists can let their soul in the quiet atmosphere and charming scenery.

The beach owns the youthful and lively beauty with convenient resorts and ecological gardens, and fishing village in the shadow of coconuts, so tourists will feel really peaceful and comfortable. Cua Dai also highlights by the magnificent buildings, newly convenient and modern resorts. In the morning, tourists can open the balcony with view of the sea to contemplate the sunrise. Afternoon is the best time for tourists to immerse in the cool blue water. The long sandy beaches sparkling in the sun and the wind bringing the typical salty flavor of the sea will make tourists more fresh and comfortable on trip to Vietnam.

An Bang beach

Another beautiful beach in Hoi An is An Bang. The beach was voted as one of 50 the most beautiful beaches in the world by CNNGo. It is about 3km away from the city center to the east, An Bang beach has 4km long coastline with the beautiful and fresh natural scenery. It is the gateway to welcome tourists both domestic and international to Hoi An ancient town.

The most attractive feature of An Bang is the soft stretching sandy beaches, the blue water, the gentle waves, green trees and old pineapple trees planted around the beach. The water is so clear and clean that tourists can contemplate fishes swimming freely under the beach or even tourists can handedly catch fresh crabs. The waves are also mild, brings tourists the gentle and smooth feeling. Recently, thanks to the appearance of bars and restaurants with the Western style, An Ban becomes one of the most attractive beaches in Hoi An as well as in Vietnam. Traveling here in Vietnam travel packages, tourists will give unforgettable impression in their vacation.

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