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Explore romantic Co To Island in Vietnam trip

Explore romantic Co To Island in Vietnam trip


The paradise island Co To with white sand, blue emerald sea and interesting tourist activities is definitely an attractive destination for Vietnam trips. After a tour to see the grandiosity of the nearby Ha Long Bay, Co To Island will bring you experience of absolute romance. These below are four things you should not miss in a Co To tour.

Lying on the smooth sand bank and see deep blue sky

Hong Van and Van Chay are two most famous and beautiful beach in Co To lying not so far from the center of Co To town. In Co To, the beaches are tranquil, no crowd, no hustle, unlike the fast pace of Halong Bay tourism. Here, there is only stretching white sand bank, crystal clear and cool water. The sea is always in a deep blue color like an emerald. The water reflects sunshine, changing nuance when waves dash into the shore. Immersing in the natural sea or relaxing on the smooth sand, watching the blue and clear sky, enjoying the sea-breezes is such a wonderful experience.

Strolling on the Love Road

The 2 km long Love Road is tiled red bricks running along the coast. On the two sides, there are rows of green poplars swinging in the sea wind. Strolling on the road, even you walk, or cycle slowly, the atmosphere is always full of peace and romance. Here, you can see the sound of the tree leaves whispering soft and low in the wind. You can hear the waves rustle, see the gross green forests, bright yellow shine and the fresh red bricks. The Love Road in Co To is absolutely an ideal place for couples.

Explore romantic Co To Island in Vietnam trip

Watching sunrise and sunset

Travel to Vietnam and visit Co To, tourists also can contemplate natural scenes like sunrise and sunset on beautiful beaches. Sky and ground seem to meet each other at the horizon. Go to Van Chay beach in the early morning when the sun does not yet come out, see sun rays gradually paint the natural picture of Van Chay a light yellow color. The tide ebbs away, leaving behind stretching sand bank. In the late afternoon, you can see a large part of sky is cover in a so beautiful red pink color in sunset.

The lighthouse in Co To provides tourists the best view to watch sunset. It is 100 meters above the sea level, overlooking the whole island so that you can have a more grandiose view of the sunset.

Enjoying BBQ on the beach

Nam Hai beach is another famous beach in Co To Island. Many tourists choose this place to hold and take part in night activities. Beach BBQ is a specialty in Co To. You can enjoy the fragrant grilled meat and sip some drink in rustling sound of waves then have a walk along the beach under the romantic light of the moon. Night life in Co To is quite busy with many entertainment activities. Tourists can buy a full tour to be taken around the island. After having dinner, a tuk tuk will show you around the island.

Spending some time to visit Co To and experience wonderful things in this small island will make your travel in Vietnam more interesting and memorable.

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