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Vietnam trip to five best destinations in Phan Thiet

Vietnam trip to five best destinations in Phan Thiet


Taking a trip to Vietnam, visitors can not miss the chance to visit Phan Thiet. Here, visitors can enjoy wonderful landscape, explore the unique traditional culture of Vietnamese people.

Rang Beach

Located about 15km to the north of Phan Thiet City, Rang Beach is the most beautiful beach in the city. This beach attracts visitors by its blue water, white sand stretching along the beach and green coconut trees

Rang beach

Hon Ghenh

Hon Ghenh is a pristine area which is located about 1 km from Mui Ne. Here, visitors will be impressed with the crystal sea water that offers them a clear view of the reef in the bottom.

Hon Ghenh

Co Thach Beach

Located about 100km from Phan Thiet City, Co Thach beach is famous for beautiful stone and gravel with different sizes and colors. This is also recognized as the area with the most colorful stone and gravel in Vietnam by Vietnam Book of Records. Here, visitors can enjoy cool water and eat grilled seafood right on the beach.

Co Thach Beach

Hon Ba Island

Located about 70km from Phan Thiet City, Hon Ba is a small island which have a shape like a giant tortoise on the sea. Here, visitors can visit a temple worshiping Ya Ana- a sacred God of ancient Champa Kingdom

Mui Ne Sand Dune

Cham Poshanu tower

Poshanu tower is located on Ba Na hill, about 7km from Phan Thiet Centre. This is a group of rare remnants of ancient Champa Kingdom. Despite small size, Cham Poshanu tower is the convergence of elite architecture and art decorations of Cham.

Cham tower

Sand dunes

Located near Hon Rom, sand dune is one of the favorite destination of young people. Here, visitors can see colorful sand dunes, take part in interesting activities such as sand sliding or enjoy fresh coconut, etc

White Sand Dune overview

Ke Ga lighthouse

Located about 30km from Phan Thiet City, Ke Ga lighthouse is an attractive destination for visitors for their Vietnam trip. Ke Ga lighthouse is over 100 years old. Here, on the top of Ke Ga lighthouse, visitors can have the panoramic views of the sea, enjoy fresh sea breezes, etc

Ke ga lighthouse

Spending a Vietnam travel to Phan Thiet, visitors will be offered unforgettable experiences!

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