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Vietnam visa and dispatch of entry

Vietnam visa and dispatch of entry


Vietnam Dispatch of entry is a text provided by Immigration Administration to foreigners entering Vietnam. By using the dispatch of entry, foreigners can apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in overseas or at the airport, such as Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang international airports, and at border gates in Vietnam.

To get the dispatch of entry, the agencies inviting and answering for foreigners entering Vietnam have ​​to submit to the Immigration Agency application for approval. If foreigners are allowed entering Vietnam, the immigration agency will issue a dispatch called a dispatch entry.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Dispatch entry Procedure

You are in your country, and have intention to come to Vietnam for working or traveling, you need to have a visa to Vietnam. You can apply for Vietnam visa by two ways: first, apply for visa at the border gate; second, apply for visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in your country. You can apply for a visa to Vietnam through Embassy of Vietnam in your country, but it might waste time and be inconvenient. Thus, to help tourists come to Vietnam easier, the service of fast visa to Vietnam becomes popular. The representative agencies will apply for dispatch of visa approval of Administration of Vietnam Immigration, and foreigners need to provide the following information: full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, date of expire, and date of entry. To get visa Vietnam, you need to have the dispatch (copied) enclosed to your passport and visa fee. By virtue of this service, foreigners are facilitated their Vietnam entry and save their time.

Foreigners or overseas Vietnamese entering Vietnam must apply for entry visa, except for the circumstances of visa exempt under a bilateral agreement between countries or unilateral agreement of Vietnam. Normally, Vietnam visa on arrival must be obtained in the Embassy , Consulate of Vietnam overseas. However, in order to facilitate tourists journeys, visa procedure has changed. Instead of applying for visa at embassies or consulates, you can have your visa stamped at international Vietnam airports. If you lack experience on getting visa, and good understanding about this procedure, you might get difficulties and money waste. Therefore, you should equip yourself with enough knowledge on visa to Vietnam to have smooth holidays or business trips.

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