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Vietnam Visa easily in your hand

Vietnam Visa easily in your hand


Almost foreign tourists have to own a Vietnam Visa. Those people also have Vietnam entry and exit cards when they arrive at airports in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang, and at borders between Vietnam and Laos, or Vietnam and China.

For persons who must have visa on arrival Vietnam, they have to get visa before their departing time. There are two ways of getting visa. First, you can ask for visa approval e-letter application through tourist companies, then stamp it at Vietnam international airports. Secondly, you can ask for visa at Vietnam embassy in overseas and have passport stamped with Vietnam Visa.

Vietnam Visa

Tourist visa has valid within 30 days. The procedure of Vietnam Visa is quite simple, yet, the fee is still high. It often takes much time. Thus, getting visa via tourist companies becomes popular. This is faster and convenient. These companies need information of tourists to confirm these tourists visas issued at Vietnam airports. In Asian, Cambodia is the best destination to receive Vietnam Visa. Because visa fee in this country is only 30 USD. Besides, you can get your visa during the day of submitting application. Otherwise, Bangkok is another popular place to gain visa for Vietnam. As many tourist companies in Bangkok often provide a lot of cheap traveling packages including tickets and visa.

If you have intention to stay in Vietnam more than one month, or emigrate Vietnam then immigrate Cambodia or Laos, you should ask for three-month visa with multiple entries. Fee of this visa is about 95 USD in Cambodia. Yet, not all Vietnam embassies issue this kind of visa. Moreover, it is the fact that your appearance has an impact on your visa procedure at airports. For example, if you wear informal clothes, or do not look neatly, you might get a bit of difficulty in dealing with your Vietnam visa. Thus, you should appear in a formal way.

In short, although at present foreigners might find difficulties in the procedure of Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam government is still trying to improve the quality and facilitate tourists with better visa services.

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