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Vietnam visa extension for foreigners in Vietnam

Vietnam visa extension for foreigners in Vietnam


In case foreigners are staying in Vietnam and their Vietnam visa is about to expire, if they do not want to get any trouble staying and leaving in Vietnam, they have to apply for Vietnam visa extension. The visa extension has the valid use from one to three months and can be extended several times. The aim of the extension is to extend the time staying in Vietnam of foreigners. However, in case foreigners do not know clearly about visa extension procedures, they should note the following regulations.

Vietnam visa

Visa Vietnam extension only applies for foreigners entering Vietnam and residing in the territory of Vietnam. There are some types of Vietnam visa extension:

- 03 months 01 time

- 03 month multiple times

- 01 months 01 time

- 01 months many times...

Under the Vietnam visa requirements, the visa maximum term has the valid use one year (12- month visa). This visa is issued by the Immigration Department or the Immigration Administration Department of provinces and cities for foreigners under the following circumstances:

- Foreign investors

- Chief Representative Offices of non-governmental organizations

- Lawyers were issued a license by Vietnam Ministry of Justice

- Foreign laborers are granted work permits

The long-term visa extension document for foreigners in Vietnam includes:

- Legal documents of business , guaranty organization for foreigners ( Including a copy of business registration, a copy of the certificate of the seal, a copy of the tax code registration, signed and mark registration form)

- The foreigner's passport still valid at least 06 months

- Work permit (In the case of foreign workers who want to apply for a visa with a term of 03 months or more, investors, chief official project, non-governmental organizations, foreign lawyers granted licensed in Vietnam do not have to apply for a work permit )

- Sample application for Vietnam visa extension

The notice of the application for extending visa to Vietnam:

- This form is confirmed by companies or organizations in Vietnam if it is guaranteed by Vietnam organizations and companies.

- Other documents according to the specific requirements of the Immigration Administration as a lease, list of foreign workers.....

If foreigners have any questions about Vietnam visa extension procedure, they should contact with Immigration Department or the Immigration Administration Department of provinces and cities in Vietnam to get more detail information.

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