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Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival


According to Vietnam Visa News, Vietnamese people residing abroad and foreigners who are spouses or children of citizens of Vietnam or Vietnamese people residing abroad are exempt from visa for a stay not exceeding 90 days if there is enough the following conditions. The cases are exempt from visa.

Vietnam Visa U.S Passport

Foreign passport or passport substitute papers still valid for at least 6 months from date of entry. In case, Vietnamese people residing abroad do not have passport, they must have Vietnam residence permit issued in abroad still having valid for at least 6 months from date of entry.

Vietnam Visa exemption certificate issued by the authorities of Vietnam.

The temporary residents staying over 90 days have to make the visa application procedures in accordance with current regulations before or after entering Vietnam.

Agreements, arrangements bilateral visa exemption:

The ordinary passport holders of countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia receive visa Vietnam exemption for a stay not exceeding 30 days; citizens of Philippines battery is allowed to stay within 21 days; while Brunei citizens temporarily reside no more than 14 days.

As Vietnam Visa news issued, citizens of China, North Korea, Kurdistan, and Rumania carry ordinary passports for public purposes, and citizens of 60 countries with diplomatic and official passports are exempt from visa to Vietnam, including countries: Azerbaijan, Argentina, Albania, Algeria, Afghanistan, India , Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Brunei , Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, South Korea, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Indonesia, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Mozambique, South Africa, Russia, Japan, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, France, Philippines Paraguay, Rumania, Czech Republic, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Spain, North Korea, China, Thailand, Turkey, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukrainian, Uzbekistan, Uruguay, Venezuela, Singapore, and Slovakia.

Unilateral visa exemption

Officials and employees of the ASEAN Secretariat with irrespective passports are exempt from visa to enter and exit Vietnam for a stay not exceeding 30 days.

Citizens of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Japan, South Korea and Russia, regardless of passport and entry purposes shall be exempt from entry and exit Vietnam for a period of temporary stay not exceeding 15 days from the date of entry.

All other subjects not included in the above-mentioned subjects entering Vietnam must have visa on arrival Vietnam.

Tourist visa is valid for 30 days.

Entry visa issued in diplomatic missions, and overseas Vietnam consular. It is possible to issue visas at the border with the invitation of the competent authorities in Vietnam or tourists of international tour operators organized by Vietnam.

Application of entry visa: single entry application (printed form), two 4x6 cm photos; passport and visa fees.

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