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Vietnam visa on regulations for foreigners

Vietnam visa on regulations for foreigners


According to Vietnam Visa news, to create favorable conditions for the entry, exit and transit of foreigners and to protect the life, the property, and the lawful rights of foreigners residing in Vietnam, Vietnam Government has issued some regulations under the law of Vietnam and international treaties that Vietnam has signed or acceded. Therefore, foreigners having intention to Vietnam should note the followings regulations.

Vietnam visa

Firstly, foreigners that enter or exit have to passports or valuable documents to replace for passports and must have a visa for Vietnam. The visa is issued by Vietnam’s competent state agencies, except the cases are exempted from visa. Foreigners can apply for Vietnam visa at the Immigration Administration belonging to the Ministry of Public Security, the consular office of the Ministry of Foreign Affair or Vietnamese embassies or consulate in the oversea. The visa application will be replied within aperiod not exceeding 5 working days from the receiving date of the valid application. Those who are under 4 years old has been declared in the visa application of their parents do not make their own visa procedures.

Secondly, foreigners applying visa to Vietnam at international borders are issued the visa in the following cases:

- Entering to attend the funeral of relatives or visiting relatives being seriously ill.

- Coming from countries without having diplomatic missions or consulates of Vietnam.

- Traveling on the tours organized by Vietnam international travel.

- Entering to support urgently the technique for the projects, give the emergency aid for the serious illness, accident victims, disasters and epidemics in Vietnam.

- For other emergency reasons.

Thirdly, the types of Visa Vietnam having valid for entry and exist through Vietnam international borders include:

- The single visa which has the valid use one time in a period not exceeding 12 months.

- The multiple visas which have the valid use several times in a period not exceeding 12 months

- The visa is not renewed.

Fourthly, transit foreigners are exempted the visa. If they wish to enter Vietnam for the sightseeing, the travel, the immigration management agency will settle under the regulation issued by the Ministry of Public Security.

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