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Visit ancient Luang Prabang in Indochina tours

Visit ancient Luang Prabang in Indochina tours


Indochina area including Viet Nam, Lao and Cambodia is an attractive destination for visitors with many beautiful sightseeing bearing traditional culture of the region. Traveling to Indochina, tourists should not miss the chance to visit one of the most outstanding places in Lao tourism, Luang Prabang.

It is recorded that there are up to 129 beautiful spots in Luang Prabang province individually. Luang Prabang is considered a typical museum for art of architecture with over 30 royal architectural works which were built in 14th century, nearly 40 temples and pagodas constructed in different time in the past together with hundreds of Laos' traditional wooden houses interleaving European style since the colony time. In addition to special structures that are being constructed in harmony with surroundings, Luang Prabang is also famous for the wild natural landscape. Among Laos waterfalls, Kuang Si waterfall is regarded as the blue jewel in the middle of rainforest, Pak Ou Cave is the place storing a lot of sophisticated carved Buddha statues maintaining through ages.

A scene that may impress tourists traveling to Laos at the first sight is a long line of monks wearing saffron robe asking for alms on the streets in strange peace and quietness. Many local people kneel at their house gates from the early morning to dedicate food for monks in respect. A lot of visitors are interested in the alms ceremony in Luang Prabang because they find quiet and peaceful moments in mind.

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Night market is another attractive feature in Indochina tours to Luang Prabang. Luang Prabang night market is always crowded and bustling with a lot of buyers and variety of products. Under the slight yellow light, tourists are fascinated by the beauty of Laos silk scarves, sarongs, HMong peoples hand embroideries and splendid paintings on rice paper, etc at shops that are close proximity to one another.

Nightlife in Laos also attracts travelers with many kinds of local dishes at cheap price such as fried coconut cake, butter fried pancake, skewed meat, Lao sticky rice, salad, etc. Laos is a landlocked country. However, Luang Prabang is located near Mekong River with abundant source of seafood, so fresh fish barbecue is a specialty here. There are some restaurants in Luang Prabang that may help visitors enjoy the best of Laos cuisine namely Tamarind restaurant for grilled fish with vegetable and herbs, Nagas restaurant for famous fresh food, from beef to Mekong river fishes, etc.

There is a witty sentence of Laos people that "Not yet come to Luang Prabang, not yet come to Laos". It cannot be denied that the endearment of Luang Prabang can captivate the mind of travelers who come to this ancient city even once.

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