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Visit Ba Be Lake with Vietnam Guide

Visit Ba Be Lake with Vietnam Guide


Located in Ba Be National Park in Nam Mau Commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan, Lake Ba Be offer spectacular beauty. Lets discover that special beauty with Vietnam Guide.

Visit Ba Be Lake with Vietnam Guide

Surrounded by limestone fortifications, Lake Ba Be is as enchanting as a painting. The calm lake resembles a mirror reflecting the sky and the earth. Perch and blue fish swim in the clear water. Bamboo ranges cast their shadow over the lake, forming a hazy and dreamy curtain. Tay women in black outfits row dugout canoes across the lake. Then chants and Tinh melodies echo through the clean air.

The local ethnic minority people are proud of their cultural traditions. Vietnam Travel visitors love stopping by stilt-houses perched on steep cliffs to sip spicy corn liquor and listening to traditional ballads accompanied by flutes. Firsts-time visitors are enchanted by the wild beauty and age-old stories about this lake. If you are confused where to go after Hanoi tours, it is believed that Lake Ba Be will give you extremely exciting experience.

Lake Ba Be has been acknowledged as one of the 20 most extraordinary lakes in the world. It was honored as a natural site of special national significance. This acknowledgement of the lakes beauty and distinct cultural heritage is a crucial milestone for Bac Kan province and will aid in preserving and promoting this natural treasure.

Described as a blue sapphire of mankind, Lake Ba Be is a not-to-be-missed destination for nature-lovers, and a wonderful site to visit, suggested by Vietnam Travel Guide. To contemplate this sapphires beauty, international passengers just need to book a ticket and fly with Vietnam Airlines directly to Hanoi, then take a bus to Bac Kan and enjoy wonderful Vietnam holidays at Lake Ba Be.


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