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Visit Lan Ha Bay Cat Ba Island in Vietnam trip

Visit Lan Ha Bay Cat Ba Island in Vietnam trip


Cat Ba has long been well - known for its natural beauty. Visiting this majestic site in a Vietnam trips, you cannot help being overwhelmed by the appealing grandiosity of this island. Outstanding in Cat Ba, Lan Ha Bay is not only attractive by the perfect harmony of water and mountains but also the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere and pure air that can refresh your mind.

Lan Ha Bay

Lying adjacent to Halong Bay, however, islands at Lan Ba Bay has its own characteristics. These islands whether big or small are all covered in a gross green of trees and plants, which divide Lan Ha into smaller bays. Local people have many ideas to name mountains and islands. These names sound strange to ear like Clog Island (look like a wooden shoe), Bat Island (look like a bat stretching his wings), Bassia Island, Peg top Island, Monkey Island, Ham Rong Grotto (dragons mouth), Do Cung Grotto, Main Cave, etc. The harmonious combination in scenes at Lan Ha Bay can make tourists feel like visiting a fairy land.

Having Vietnam trip to Lan Ha Bay, tourists will have chance to enjoy and breathe pure and fresh air while lying on pretty sand banks of the bay. Sand banks stretch between two rocky massifs on the side of calm water area forming ideal beaches for tourists to spend all day swimming and relaxing. The water is so pure that you can easily see colorful coral reefs under the water surface, especially at Van Boi and Van Ha beaches.

Cat Dua Island is one of the most interesting destinations to travel in Vietnam trip to the complex of Cat Ba Island. Many exuberant busses of high pandanus trees cast shadow for the surroundings. This is also in top ideal places to swim with crystal clear water and white smooth sand formed from crumbs of corals. Cat Dua Island is also called Monkey Island because there are a lot of monkeys living on this island. Most of them are accustomed to people. These monkeys will take food from tourists when you are less attentive, or even bite when you tease them.

After being satisfied at beauty of the landscape, you can go to try local seafood specialties. Most of tourists are interested in enjoying these dishes on floating rafts. All kinds of seafood like shrimps, crabs, fishes and lobsters are extremely fresh. Snout otter clam have become the most popular dish that is loved by tourists.

Lan Ha Bay in the area of Cat Ba Island with delicious food, beautiful nature and reasonable service price is an attractive place for a travel to Vietnam.

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